DreamStick X 2022 kitesurf bar features a new single PU Monobloc depower line and updated color design. Still the lightest and thinnest kitesurf bar on the market!

  • 24 meter lines (22 +2)
  • New single PU depower line
  • Clam cleat depower system
  • Click-in QR
  • Low V split

'Brilliant design is the art of making simple and functional parts. DreamStickX is the essence of this philosophy. Damien Girardin


“With the new Monobloc, Dreamstick X puts me in complete control. Whatever style I ride.” Kevin Langeree


Next level of perfection

Our quest for perfection didn’t end with the design of DreamStick. Ongoing development lead us to design the new DreamStick X, creating what we believe is the best control system ever. DreamStick X features our all new Monobloc depower, built with double cavities - for flagging line and depower rope - providing the best auto-swivelling solution possible while still ensuring the freedom of movement to let you steer and depower at the same time. Intensively tested for over a year on multiple continents and weather patterns, the new Monobloc depower proves to be extremely durable.



DreamStick X 2022 Bar

599,00 €Price
  • DreamStick X comes with all the great features that have made DreamStick a reference on the market, like our Quick Release System that simply clicks for reload, the skinny (21mm) diameter bar with offset finger ergonomics, the super light bar length adjustment system allowing you to quickly change your bar length from 43 to 49cm while ensuring that the bar has minimal inertia when you spin it, 

    our exclusive Cousin MEL flying lines pre-stretched with our unique technique and mounted using our unique locked splices that have virtually no stretch, while being easy to unfold and untangle. Every detail has been meticulously designed to provide the lightest control system on the market. We spent countless hours with our manufacturing team to provide the most streamlined, functional, simple and best quality control system possible. DreamStick X sets a new standard for control systems.